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The Deluxe Interior Package 

Starts at $150*

Other than our interior inclusions in our maintenance packages, we only offer "The Deluxe Interior" package. This is a Full Service interior detailing package which includes a complete transformation of your vehicles interior. No interior surface is left untouched while being deep cleaned, sanitized and shined/ conditioned if applicable. Heres whats included;

Full Vacuum & Blow Out 

The very first step in the interior detail process is to do a very thorough vacuum cleaning of the entire interior. specific attachments are used to attend to the different types of surfaces, we also use a variety of brushes and the aid of forced air to agitate & blow away any debris that may be stuck behind hard access areas the vacuum may not reach.

The Carpets 

Your vehicle's carpets encounter the most damage and debris throughout the daily commutes. We like to break down the contaminants and attack them one at a time, to ensure that what is left over is as close to brand new as possible. Pet hair is removed, along with all loose dust and dirt. Carpets are then Shampooed* and Power Brushed* to remove any trapped dirt and attack any stains and debris. This step is followed up by a pre treat & Steam cleaning to loosen up any more stubborn dirt not picked up by the shampoo power brush. Finally we use a Hot water carpet extractor to remove all contaminants and chemicals left in the carpet, leaving a fresh plush look. The carpets are then dried by forced air.

The Seats

The seats in each vehicle are prone to damage and stains from more acidic elements than carpet like pop & coffee or even damage from pets. First the seats are cleaned with a general purpose cleaner to get rid of any major debris or stains. 

For Leather Seats: the seats are pre treated with a leather safe cleaner then steamed to not only aid the cleaner but to agitate the dirt and open up the "pours" of the leather. When the pours are open it allows the cleaner to safely be agitated with a boars hair brush to remove any lodged debris. With a fresh towel the seat is cleaned and then treated with a leather conditioner. 

For Cloth Seats: the same pre treatment but for cloth is used, then drill brushed and steamed. We then remove all contaminants with a hot water extractor and leave the seats to dry via forced air.

Consoles & Plastic components 

All consoles throughout the vehicle are pre treated to attack all grease and grime, then followed by a scrub with appropriate brushes to loosen the built up contamination. For stubborn contamination, or for our sanitizing option we use high pressure steam to break down contamination even further, while leaving the surface streak free and germ free. 

After the surface is clean, we restore it back to its original look like its from the factory.

Extra Services

Pet Hair removal

***For major pet hair debris in vehicle a $25.00 charge will be added to the service****


Seat Removal 

Seats are removed from vehicle to get full access to carpets and seats (recommended to attend to spills)


Odour Removal

Odour bomb treatment to remove mild lingering odours. For heavy odour removal, DEODOR PRO is used. 

starting* $25.00

Interior Finishings swirl removal

Remove swirls from high traffic interior finishes along centre console, emblems etc.

Priced upon       inspection .    

Fabric Guard +

Fabric guard + is a hydrophobic coating used to treat carpet to repel future dirt and water from seeping deep into the carpet.


Sap Remover 

Tree sap removal treatment ensures that any baked on tree sap is safely removed to save your vehicle from improper removal damage.

Priced upon       inspection