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Paint Correction Services 

(quoted upon inspection*)

Paint corrections- in basic terms, is the process of removing the defects and imperfections from the painted surface of a vehicle. Many people underestimate the skill and knowledge required when it comes to correcting paint, which can lead to severe and sometimes permanent damage to the vehicles finish. 

At Quality Detailz, we are Detailers First, so we ensure to take extra care when approaching any paint correction job because it ensures the best possible final product. 

Each paint correction package MUST go through the preparation process, which includes the following:

Full Vehicle Inspection

First we will bring the vehicle in for inspection, if it is dirty, we clean it and after assessment we provide at least 2 options best suited to the vehicle. 

Decontamination wash

After a recommended package is selected, the vehicle will undergo our 12-step prep wash which includes a Hydrofoam wash, IronX remover, bug removed, hand wash & dry .

Clay Bar Treatment 

Next is a full vehicle clay bar treatment which is dedicated to lift any remaining surface contaminates including tree sap, melted rubber, tar, overspray and any other surface contamination. 

Vehicle Masking 

after the vehicle is dried and all the crevices are blown, we take EXTRA care to mask off all glass, rubber, plastic, badges & emblems to ensure they are protected from the potential damage that can be caused from the paint correcting process. 

This step is often missed/underestimated of its importance to the process. 

Safe Space *

Now that the vehicle is truly prepped for paint correction, we ensure to have the vehicle in a dust free, temperature & humidity controlled environment that is well lit. If necessary we also lift the vehicle to ensure that even the bottom is not neglected from working in uncomfortable positions. 

Paint Correction

1-stage: vehicle is cut and polished with a single step compound to remove at least 60% of imperfections 

2-stage: vehicle first receives a heavy cut with compound removing scratches and all imperfections. second step is to polish the vehicle to a perfect finish 

3-stage: first stage done with heavy cutting pad, removes deep scratches. second stage will remove all defects left behind from the heavy cutting, & final step is to polish to a perfect finish.